About Northern California Fun

Hi! I'd like to share my story with you about Northern California Fun.

But before I get into that... let me tell you a little bit about myself and why I wanted to create this site in the first place.

For starters... my name is Cherryl Wistos and I’m the owner and author of NorthernCaliforniaFun.com.

I was born in the Bay area - Alameda, CA.

My family and I moved to the north eastern part of Northern California when I was just 3 years old.

I grew up in a tiny town called Alturas - in Modoc County. After high school, I married... had two daughters... then later divorced.

Wanting to further my education, I left California to attend college in Klamath Falls, OR... about a hundred miles away.

After graduation... I spent my career working in the aerospace and automotive industries.

My career led me to live and work in several states. Like... Tucson, Arizona... Seattle, Washington... and Portland, Oregon.

But I still missed California.

After retiring, I decided to return to the state of my birth.

One thing I discovered... while living in all those other states was... people really didn’t know very much about California or Northern California specifically.

They’d heard of San Francisco, Lake Tahoe and Yosemite, Los Angeles - Disneyland and such... but not much more.

And... whenever I’d Google places to visit in the northern end of the state, the same spots always seem to pop up.

You know like... San Francisco... Lake Tahoe... Yosemite... and so on.

But I knew there was more. So very much more to see...

Returning to California... I set out to showcase more of the state I love - especially the northern part - by creating this website.

Okay... so what about Northern California Fun?

Well... its purpose... is to give you - dear reader - a broader insight of places to see and things to do that you may or may not know as well.

And, also, to help you get a clearer picture of specific areas so... when you DO visit... your experience will be more enjoyable.
Yes... I do touch on the Bay Area, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe and so on... too. Afterall... they ARE part of Northern California.
Now I know... some of you may differ... saying that the Bay Area - Santa Cruz, Monterey, and such - are part of Central California.

But because there are so many exciting places to explore in these areas... I decided to add them anyway.

My favorite part is - even though I was born here... I get to learn right along with you. You see... I’m still making new discoveries myself.
And... whenever I find some place or sight to see... that I hadn’t heard about before, like...

  • Lake Shasta Caverns northeast of Redding in Shasta County
  • Old Faithful Geyser in Napa Valley
  • Safari West in Sonoma County

It gets me all giggly inside. And I just want to hop into my car and go visit. Like… NOW!

So I figured... if it excites me... maybe you’d like to know about it too.

Now I know there are other websites on the 'net talking about these same places to go and sights to see that I'm sharing with you here, but... if you don't know about them to begin with... how can you find them?

Now about Northern California Fun? Well it's here to give you a heads-up. Increase your awareness.

To give you a little information and a place to start. You can always dig deeper if you want to... YES?

I hope it helps!

So what else about Northern California Fun can I share with you...

Well... my passion for my home state is the main reason I’ll continue to grow this website. Because I want to share my experiences with you.

But I must be honest with you, too. Being retired... like so many of you... I was looking for some way to generate some extra income for myself... so I could travel more.

That's another nice thing about Northern California Fun. It lets me to do that.
How? By letting advertisers - like Google - place ads on my pages. There are many types of ads you can use... but... more about that later.

You see... as I keep creating more relevant pages about places to go, or sights to see... in and around Northern California, my website keeps attracting more and more visitors - like you.
Thereby... earning me a second income. It’s rewarding in many ways. You - my dear reader - hopefully... are learning more about our state.

I’m having FUN showing it to you!

And I’m supplementing my retirement with some additional income.

So... I hope you've enjoyed learning about Northern California Fun... and will come back and visit often.

Thank you for stopping by.

Cherryl Wistos

Oh... I almost forgot, I want to give a shout out to the folks who help me put my website together...

...if you're wondering how I'm creating this and managing it.  I use the Solo Build It platform and service.

You see... SBI - as it’s known - is more than just a service provider for creating websites.

So many advertisements in the media today... try telling you how easy it is to build a web presence on the Internet. But as I've learned... they’re not giving you the whole picture.
To generate an income... you have to learn other things too.

And the folks at SBI help you. They're great with things like... brainstorming ideas. Ideas that you’re - not only - passionate about, but would, also, make good prospects for generating income. Want to see what I mean... just click on the link below...
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They use websites as their platform.

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It’s amazing how you can turn what’s in your head into an "e-business." Just check out some examples of what other folks have done.

Now if you want to discover more about Northern California Fun... just come on back.

Thanks for visiting!

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