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When in Alameda County... who can resist playing with sea creatures, climbing aboard a national treasure - a aircraft carrier, or watching your children explore their favorite storybook creations, in a real live fairyland.

Sliding down the twists and turns of Alice in Wonderland’s Tunnel.

Seeing them squeal and giggle when they get up close and personal to real live ponies, rabbits, ducks and more.

Ever been to a museum that shows you how to make sake?

Well then Alameda County has some special treats for you.

Now... since there are 108 cities within the county, how about we start exploring a few. Like... Alameda, Berkeley, and Oakland for now.

So what do you say... let’s get going!

First Stop, Alameda! One of the Bay Area's best kept secrets...

Just across the Bay from San Francisco lies the Island town of Alameda.

This storybook-like community looks like it came right out of Grimm’s fairy tales.

Glimpses of half-timbered houses clustered around shared gardens remind you of medieval hamlets and village greens in storybook fairy tales.

Strolling down the town's Park Street, you’ll see an assortment of Mom and Pop specialty stores, the Alameda Theater - an art deco movie theater built in 1932, and a wide variety of restaurants like German, Italian, Mexican and more.

Meander over to Crab Cove and see bay creatures in the 800-gallon aquarium.

There are special areas where kids of all ages can see microscopic animals... build a crab from the inside out... or get a lug worm's view of the mudflats. And that’s just for starters.

Remember that national treasure we mentioned earlier? Well this aircraft carrier silently guards the shores of Alameda Point.

So... c'mon and climb aboard the USS Hornet!

This carrier participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century -- World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission.

USS Hornet

If you want... you can even sleep on board. Some even say the ship's "haunted". It once housed 20,000 men!

Our Next Alameda County City To Visit - Oakland...

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Or maybe you've dreamed of flying through the air or swinging by your knees!

Since 1994, Trapeze Arts has been teaching flying trapeze and other circus arts to adults and children of all ages right in Oakland California.

They say... everyone has the ability to participate, regardless of size, ability, previous experience or strength. Their students range in age from 2-82!

So if you or your family want to try your hand at flying through the air with the greatest of ease... then check out Oakland’s Trapeze Arts.

And how about taking the kids to the... Children’s Fairyland - which delights smaller children and their moms and dads with an adventurous 10-acre park. A magical fantasy world where young children create, imagine, play, and learn all day long.

It’s a great place for little ones - kids under 10 years old - to play, explore, and let their imagination run wild.

But if you really want to know... it’s fun for all ages.

For starters... the park has close to 40 storybook sets... kid-size rides... friendly animals... and 10 acres of gardens.

It’s designed to delight guests of all ages. Strolling through their gates, you’ll discover all that the Children's Fairyland has to offer.

Like... off-kiltered walls and bright colors in child-size proportions.


The Old Lady in the Shoe greeting you as you approach the Fairy Gates.

The Jolly Roger Pirate Ship beckoning your older children - and adventurous little ones - to climb up the rope ladder and crawl into the crow’s nest .

Watch out for the crocodile!

The Alice in Wonderland Tunnel twisting and turning your young tunnelers into the playing-card maze. Tunnel windows show scenes from Alice’s adventures.

Willie the Whale spouting water from his blowhole and inviting you to climb into his belly.

And that’s just the beginning...

Watch your kids eyes light up when they see the little lambs, goats, and pony...

Animals have been an important part of Children’s Fairyland since opening in 1950.

Some 18 or so domestic animals live in the park. Like...

  • Dori - a Shetland pony mix
  • Juan - the Alpaca
  • Tina and Mr. Bean - our Goats
  • Donkeys - Gideon and Tumbleweed Tommy
  • Smokey and Mini - our Rabbits
  • Puddles and Buddy - the Ducks
  • Oatmeal and Raisin - our Olde English Baby Doll Sheep
  • Two guinea pigs - named Megan and Emowyn
  • Three chickens - named Woodstock, Pollyanna and Violet

On weekends, your little ones get up close and personal with their ‘animal of the day’. Learning all about it from an experienced animal trainer.

But there’s, also, some great places for the grown-ups...

Music anyone?

Choose a style that fits your mood - classical, jazz, rock, hip-hop. Oakland’s known for it flourishing music scene.

Check out Alameda County's... Old Oakland - The saloons don’t have swinging doors, and there’s no more signs advertising hot baths for 10 cents... but it’s easy to imagine Oakland’s gaslight days while walking Old Oakland’s cobblestone streets.

So now it’s time to head over to Berkeley...

Berkeley is a place rich in cultural and culinary experiences. It’s a great place to wander around and wonder about.

In Alameda County, this city offers you a tour of a brewery or botanical garden. Let's you savor the sunset or a foodie feast. Explore a 1,000-acre regional park or a fun science museum.

A couple or three places we thought would be fun are...

Berkeley’s Green Pioneers: A Walking Tour of Downtown - a place to meet leaders of the 'green' movement and see how positive solutions can be put in practice on this engaging and lively tour!

This popular tour shows you variety of cutting edge ‘green’ examples in downtown Berkeley, like...

  • The Green Citizen
  • Freight & Salvage Coffeehouse
  • Gather Restaurant
  • Hotel Shattuck Plaza
  • The Bike Station
  • East Bay Bicycle Coalition
  • Pedal Express

Okay! Want to see how sake’s made?

Then head over to Takara Sake USA & Museum. This Berkeley brewery was established in 1982.

The sake tasting room offers a complete selection of sake and plum wine products.

The Museum show-cases displays illustrating the sake-making process and features a rare collection of old tools and artifacts.

So there's a taste of some places to go in Alameda County...

And there’s plenty many more cities to see in the area. Like we said earlier... 108.

And we’re just getting started. So come back and see us.

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