American Conservatory Theater - Discover Magical Storytelling and More...

The American Conservatory Theater - Imagine watching live shows... like A Christmas Carol - San Francisco's favorite holiday tradition featuring a lively cast, stunning costumes, and delightfully spooky ghosts.

Or Underneath the Lintel - a riveting ghost story about an eccentric librarian who finds a weather-beaten book in a return bin that’s 113 years overdue.
Discovering a message left in its margins, he sets off on a quest to unravel  its secrets as well as finding out more about the person who borrowed it.
Filled with astonishing twists and turns, it’s  a magical piece of storytelling.
Sounds exciting, suspenseful and passionate. Agreed?

Okay! Not quite sure going to a live show is for you?
Let’s watch a short snippet from one of their past shows... the Taming of the Shrew 1976...

Now that was fun to see... don’t you think?

American Conservatory Theater - seeking to develop the artist in every actor...

Both a theater and a training institution, ACT - as it’s commonly known -- works to develop the artistic passion in every actor.

Located just a block away from Union Square on Geary Street, in the heart of downtown San Francisco, - it’s the largest theater company in the Bay Area.

ACT ranks as one of the top five actor training programs in the United States, according to U.S. News & World Report... right along with schools like Carnegie Mellon, Juilliard, Yale, and New York University.
Pretty impressive company! YES?

Just imagine an alumni of well known celebrities like… Denzel Washington, Annette Bening, Nicolas Cage, Teri Hatcher, Danny Glover, Darren Criss, Chris Pine, and more.

All of them completed ACT’s prestigious Master of Fine Arts Program.
Besides the regular full season, ACT also puts on a variety of shows starring their conservatory and young conservatory students from the Young Conservatory Program - an after-school professional actor training program for kids 8 to 19 years old.

Did you know... The American Conservatory Theater, also, supports a wide variety of outreach and education programs, including bringing live theater and acting classes to public schools all over the bay area?

ACT - a full season of productions...

The season features shows and events from Mainstage Productions, Conservatory, and Interact.

The other shows are usually a mixed bag of original ACT productions, redone classic stage plays and visiting international hits from other top-caliber repertory theaters around the world.
Choose from a lineup filled with unforgettable, and vibrant works of art from...

Mainstage Productions -  showcase some 7 or more performances running throughout the year from September through June.

Each show runs for about a month, with nightly shows Tuesday through Sunday and day shows on the weekends and select weekdays.

Conservatory  - presents a wide array of productions each year, featuring some of the brightest and most creative performers in the country. Displaying the talents of students training in the nationally renowned Master of Fine Arts Program.

Interact - Can't get enough great theater? Then join splashy parties... inspiring discussions... and other exciting events - all free with your ticket.

Like Audience Exchanges - where you learn firsthand what goes into the making of great theater.
Or Playtime - an interactive workshop where you get a hands-on experience in theater with the artists who make it happen.

American Conservatory Theater - an experience you’ll never forget!

American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco CA

The American Conservatory Theater is one of those San Francisco things - if you're a local... you know it's great. But... if you're not... you'll probably miss the experience.

Staging is always beautiful, directing excellent, and a consistently enjoyable experience.

Ticket costs range from around $10 a seat - for the highest balcony area to more than $80 a seat for the stage floor area.
The plays are magnificent... and entertaining. It’ll be an experience you’ll never forget!
Contact them at...
415 Geary Street, San Francisco
Or call them at... (415)749-2228

So... what are you waiting for... LET’S GO!

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