Aquarium of the Bay - Discover the Mysterious World Beneath the
San Francisco Bay and More...

Want to experience the magic of San Francisco Bay, at Aquarium of the Bay?
Okay then, Let’s go!

It’s located at the water’s edge, at Embarcadero and Beach Street - near Pier 39.

There’s some 20,000 local sea creatures just waiting to entertain you.
Did you know... It’s the only aquarium devoted exclusively to showcasing the marine life of the San Francisco Bay?

That’s right!

San Francisco Aquarium of the Bay

How exciting... it’s divided into three parts. First the Aquarium showcases...

Discovering the Bay...

Learn how the Bay's environment nurtures a diverse community of aquatic life from the tiniest shrimp to the most regal shark.
Eight fascinating exhibits display over a thousand animals.

Explore a variety of satellite tanks - made from 2.5" thick acrylic - containing animals such as moray eels... Bay pipefish - did you know the father pipefish gives birth to their young?

Yes they do. The fathers undergo a labor-intensive pregnancy, supporting the embryos until they are released as free-living juveniles.
You’ll also see the garibaldi - the California state marine fish. They are a great fish - really cool... very personable... but very aggressive.

Expert guides are on hand to answer your questions throughout your visit.
It's the perfect beginning to learning more about the mysterious world beneath the San Francisco Bay and gathering in-depth knowledge about its residents.

And that’s not all you’ll see. Next...

Going Under the Bay...

You’ll descend into the hidden world of life under San Francisco Bay.
Surrounded by 700,000 gallons of filtered Bay water and more than 23,000 aquatic animals, this is the largest exhibit.
Two tunnels of about 150 feet long each - with moving walkways -  showcase thousands of aquatic animals and other sea creatures.
In the first tunnel you'll see a colorful and dynamic near-shore habitat.
Something like what you’d find between the shoreline and the open ocean, in the world of tide pools, where a variety of marine animals live and play.

In the second tunnel you'll meet the mysterious and compelling marine life that lives in the deep water outside the Bay.
From captivating bat rays to rare angel sharks to the graceful giant pacific octopus, it is truly an extraordinary look at life under the Bay.

The exhibit is a re-creation of the San Francisco Bay.

Then... finally go to...

Touching the Bay...

Here... as you walk through a re-creation of coastal California, you'll encounter a series of touching pools where you can stroke live bat rays, leopard sharks, and other tide pool animals.
It's a fun opportunity to get up close and personal with the captivating inhabitants of the San Francisco Bay.

Above the water, the Aquarium of the Bay has even more surprises... addition to the petting pools - there’s a glassed-in working beehive.

Explore exhibits with reptiles and amphibians.
Guides are on-hand to offer information about them and even let you pet some of them at different times throughout the day.

Then meet the newest members of the Aquarium... the North American river otters.
Shasta, Tubbs and Wildcat - each named after local watershed destinations, live throughout California.
They’re a great addition... educating all of us about the importance of the health and conservation of our natural resources.
They are an important indicator for the health of the waterways that feed into San Francisco Bay.
Not only that... they’re very charismatic and fun to watch.

Can you believe... over 50 sharks call Aquarium of the Bay home...

...from species such as sevengill sharks, leopard sharks, soup-fins, spiny dogfish, brown smooth-hounds, and angel sharks.
See eye-to-eye with a sevengill shark. They’re common in the bay, but rarely seen by the public.

So... not much is known about them.
Also see skates, bat rays and thousands of other animals like... eels... flatfish... rockfish... Wrasse... Gobies... Kelpfish... Pricklebacks... Ronquil... Sculpin... and Sturgeons.

Mesmerize yourself with the moon jellies. And touch a bat ray’s wing.

You’ll love stepping onto the moving walkway and instantly finding yourself surrounded by a vast array of beautiful sharks and sting-rays swimming above.

Explore the lair of the Giant Pacific Octopus...

"They are so iconic"... says Marine biologist, Mike McGill.
He adds... "It's sort of like shaking hands with a sea monster. They wrap their arms around you so they can feel you and taste you with their suction cups. If they don't think you're a predator, they can be very friendly".
Giant Pacific octopuses, the largest octopus species in the world, are so reclusive they're almost never seen.
They're gorgeous!

Go on a behind the scenes tour of the Aquarium of the Bay...

Walk on the catwalk above the tunnel aquariums and discover how cool it is.
Learn how the animals are fed and how they are cared for.
Each day is filled with a wide range of special events -- from shark feedings to hands-on animal encounters to conversations with our divers while they are under water.
So be sure to ask about them about their diving operations.

That’s one memorable experience you won’t forget.

So you can see there’s plenty of things to see and do at the aquarium...

So... what are you waiting for... let’s go!

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