Big Sur - How Can A Place of Undeniable Power - Capture Your Heart and Your Soul with Just One Visit...

If you haven't seen Big Sur, just imagine staring up at breathtaking views of the rugged Santa Lucia Mountains rising abruptly up from the Pacific Ocean.
Did you know... Cone Peak- in the Ventana Wilderness - the third highest coastal mountain in the lower 48 states - rising 5,155 feet above sea level... is just 3 miles from the coastal waters?

Now picture yourself following those rugged mountains all the way down to the sea below --transcending time.
You’d have to admit... it’s a stunning 90-mile stretch along the California coast - about two hours south of San Francisco, YES?

And... it is the spot that’ll capture your attention and your heart - forever.

From the breathtaking views... to hiking along the coast... to relaxing in some of the most luxurious resorts and quiet campsites in the area, it will leave you with the most vivid images you’ll ever capture in your mind!

Big Sur has three communities - more like outposts - Gorda, Lucia, and Posts.
Tucked in between you’ll find restaurants, state parks, art galleries, hotels, and campgrounds.

When visiting Big Sur, be sure to see...

  • Bixby Bridge - just 11 miles north of the Village. This iconic bridge built in 1933. It’s one of the most photographed bridges in the world... driving along the Pacific Ocean coast. 

  • Point Sur Lighthouse - 5 miles north of the Village, stands tall for all to see along Highway 1.

    A National Historic Landmark, it’s one of the turn-of-the-century light stations opened to the public in California.

    And if you like a little spunk in your adventures... they say Point Sur Lighthouse is one of the most haunted places in America.

  • McWay Falls - an 80-foot waterfall - 12 miles south of the Village, flows year-round and is one of only two in the region close enough to the ocean to be referred to as ‘tidefalls’. That means the waterfall meets the ocean when the tide is in.

Now if you’re looking for things to do in Big Sur, here’s a few to check out...

  • Hiking/backpacking - Over 80 day hikes are accessible... varying in length and difficulty.

    Go hiking to beaches and vistas along the coast... along rivers and through canyons... and through redwood forests in the Santa Lucia Mountains.

  • Hunt for jade - beaches south of the. Jade is a common semi-precious stone found on the beaches in and around Big Sur. 

  • Whale watching - Did you know...

    Killer whales hang around all year around.  But... they are most frequently seen in the bay from January through May and from September through November.

    Humpback whales migrate from their winter calving and mating areas in and around the waters around Mexico to their summer as well as fall, feeding in areas off coastal California. You can see them from April through December.

    Blue Whales - who feed only on krill, travel into the Monterey Bay area waters during times krill are more abundant... from June through October.

    Gray whales journey past the Monterey coastline from December through May.

Now if you’re wondering where to in Big Sur, these places caught our attention...

  • Post Ranch Inn, Highway 1 - just 2 miles south of the Village. This high-end resort offers luxurious accommodations, three pools, spas, and private decks. It sits 1200 feet above the Pacific.

    Guestrooms embrace the dramatic beauty of the California coastline.  They offer ocean views, mountain views, and there are even private houses - all perfect destinations to relax, and reconnect with yourself, your partner, and the environment.
Post Ranch Inn at Big Sur
  • Find Ventana Inn & Spa about 28 miles south of Carmel. An ultra-deluxe resort with all kinds of  amenties like... pools... hot tubs... sauna... restaurant... bar... and of course astounding views.

  • Limekiln State Park, Highway 1 - Gorgeous campsites  - for about 24 spots - along a creek that runs into the ocean.

    Quiet... except for the rushing sound of water tumbling down over the rocks falling to the sea down below. Big redwoods loom overhead. And ferns and clover coat the hillsides.

    Sites on the beach and under the redwoods. There are a few small hikes to the historic limekilns and an amazing waterfall.

    This place has it all... stunning beach, sunset, and trees... even fresh running water.

    The camp hosts are nothing short of first class. They’ll do everything in their power to ensure you’re comfortable and have everything you require.

Now we told you Big Sur is the place to capture your attention and your heart...

Not only does the area lure beckon you to come back again and again, but the locals welcome you like family, too.

So if you’re looking for laid back mesmerizing beauty and fun. This is the place for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s go!

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