Boudin Bakery - Discover What
Dungeness Crab, Turtles, Bears, & Fish
Have in Common With Bread

Artisan bread... you say?
Boudin Bakery makes lobsters, crabs, alligators, fish, turtles, and more.

WOW! This bakery bakes anything!
Like... a 10' alligator cooling off with a chain around it’s neck. WHOA!

Or how about scrumptious teddy bears, delicious mini turtles, and succulent Dungeness Crab.

Hey... let’s watch it all happen through their 30 foot observation window fronting the bakery.

Or, even more exciting... how about looking down from a catwalk suspended in the air... up over the bakery.

Just imagine... not only smelling it... but watching it get made!

Boudin Bakery on Jefferson St. in San Francisco, CA

Boudin’s... half  block long flagship store on Jefferson Street on Fisherman’s Wharf  near Pier 45, interacts with you... while their bakers - wearing headsets - shape bread into little bears, alligators and more.

If you ask... they might even make something special just for you!

Boudin - pronounced "boo-DEEN" - is a bakery based in San Francisco, California.
Known for their sourdough bread... Boudin’s claim their bread as the "Original San Francisco Sourdough French Bread".

What makes Boudin Bakery sourdough bread so special... you ask?

Well it might have something to do with San Francisco's famous fog... and how it plays such an integral part in sourdough bread-making process. 

You see... the Boudin Bakery still uses the same starter-yeast-bacteria culture that Isidore Boudin developed back in the 1840s.
Boudin perfected his recipe by combining his family’s traditional French baking methods with the "sour" or tangy dough taste dearly loved by the gold miners during California’s Gold Rush.

He produced the signature dark-gold, crunchy crust, soft chewy center with its distinctive flavor.

During San Francisco’s 1906 earthquake and fire, Louise Boudin - wife of Isidore - rescued the mother dough by gathering the family together to carry the dough in buckets of ice to Golden Gate Park where they baked bread over open fires.

So you see... the mother dough - or starter - has been kept alive for over 150 years. It’s kept in a refrigerated vault.

For each batch, the bakers take a bit of the mother dough, mix it with water, flour, and salt - nothing else - and then mix it all together in a giant mixer.

Just take a look at what Samantha Brown - also known as the ‘Travel Goddess’ - discovered when she visited Boudin Bakery...

Now... above the bakery, check out the bistro and the museum.
Like we said before... here’s where you’ll get an up-close "baker's look" through Boudin's 30-foot observation window.

Fun, interactive exhibits keep you - and your kids - entertained.

Spend the afternoon with one of the Boudin Bakery guides who’ll show you all around the museum as well as the factory.  We hear they have some great stories to share.

The factory bakes each day thousands of rolls of bread along with many more pieces of hand crafted artisan pieces as well.
Now... you can tour the museum yourself on a self-guided tour.

There’s a fee of $3 per person.

But if you buy any of their breads... be sure to ask them about the fee... and we’re sure...  they’ll gladly waive it.
Learn lots of fun and interesting points, like...

  • The history of how the French family of Isidore Boudin came to San Francisco during the California Gold Rush
  • The development of the 'starter dough'
  • Changes in the company's logo as a result of a changing into Italian hands
  • And changes in delivery as demand increased across the nation

Also... check out the wall dedicated to San Francisco's food originals!
Can you guess any of them?

Well... here’s a couple that might surprise you...

Cioppino - pronounced Chip-een-o - A seafood stew of crab, clams, shrimp, mussels, scallops, or fish - along with tomatoes, wine, and herbs. 

Fortune Cookies - yep! That's right! Fortune cookies.

But getting back to Boudin Bakery...

Did you know the locals voted Boudin's Bakery their favorite Sourdough French bread?  That’s right!

They say... Fresh cracked crab with Boudin’s round ‘dark bake’ sourdough bread and a well-chilled bottle of California’s Chardonnay is still one of their favorite meals.

Mmmm... sounds delicious. Yes? Let’s raise our glass and cheer - To Boudin’s!

Even try their clam chowder in their sourdough bowl in Fisherman's Wharf. Though they’re a bit more expensive, their clam chowder in the sourdough bowl is amazing.
If you’re going to breakfast... we recommend their great sourdough waffles and pancakes, with eggs on the side. You won’t be disappointed!

Okay... if you skipped breakfast, but went on the tour... let’s head to the tasting room and sample the different kinds of breads and dipping oils.

We’re getting hungry... aren’t you?

So... what do you say... let’s go!

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