California Attractions - Imagine Jelly Bean Tours... Sleeping With Wild Animals... Sliding Down Giant Water Slides  and More...

Besides the must-see Northern California attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman's Wharf, Alcatraz, and the cable cars, in the San Francisco Bay Area, let's visit museums, theaters, aquariums, historical sites and other cultural attractions.

Check out kid and family attractions like the Jelly Belly Factory Tour in Fairfield California.

A 40-minute walking tour guides you through a real working factory; showing you where they cook up over 150 different sweet treats.

Imagine learning the secrets to how they create the legendary Jelly Belly jelly bean, and discovering why it takes more than a week to make a single bean.

Take the whole family and go on a wildlife safari...

Cheeta in Wildlife Safar

At Safari West, the wildlife preserve near Santa Rosa.

This California attraction is nestled on 400 acres right in the heart of California's wine country.

Safari West is home for over 400 exotic mammals and birds.

NO... it's not a zoo, and it's not a drive-through park either.

It's a wildlife preserve where you'll experience some of nature's most beautiful animals in a natural habitat.

Offering safaris year-around, you'll see cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, flamingos, and more.

So you owe it to yourselves and your children to see all these beautiful creatures in their own natural surroundings.

Want to see Old Faithful? You can...

California Old Faithful Geyse

Did you know Northern California has it's own Old Faithful Geyser?

It's true!

Where is it, you ask?

In Calistoga, California in the Napa Valley area.

Did you know geysers occur only when nature provides a water supply... a source of heat and a rock formation strong enough to stand pressure?

That's right!

But there must also be cracks to release that pressure.

Calistoga's geyser gets its water from an underground river, heated to boiling by flowing over hot magma.

Pressure from the boiling water and steam builds up underground until it erupts and releases the pressure.

About every 30 minutes, you'll see the Old Faithful Geyser of California erupt, spraying steam and scalding water some 60 to 100 feet in the air.

Want More California Attractions? How about taking the kids to some great places...


  • Charles M Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa - that's where Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang hang out
  • Raging Waters - Rides & Slides - at Cal Expo in Sacramento - with 25 water rides and thrilling slides and more...
  • Funderland Amusement Park in Sacramento - perfect for kids ages 2 to 12
  • Waterworks Park in Redding - with waterslides, raging river tube rides, a kiddy activity area, and the all new cyclone.
  • And that's not all...

We're just getting started. There's more attractions to come. Like...

So... please keep checking back. We're always on the lookout for more California attractions... and when we find those hidden little gems... we'll share them with you right here!

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