California High Sierra - Keeping You
Captivated & Luring You Back For
More - Year After Year

WOW!! Feel the tug of the California High Sierra pulling you back for a visit?

So many choices... so little time! So... let’s go!

There's outdoor fun for the whole family... snowmobiling, skiing, snowboarding, and more.

Yep! We’re talking about... the Lake Tahoe area.

And when its ski season, there's no better place to go in the state.

Ooohh... just imagine surrounded by some of the best ski resorts in Northern California.


Or... farther south in Eastern Madera County... there's Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort.

snowboarding the high sierras

Twelve county regions make up the California

That’s right! And each one offers something special. There's...

  • Alpine County
  • Eastern Amador County
  • Eastern Calaveras County
  • Eastern El Dorado County
  • Eastern Fresno County
  • Western Inyo County
  • Eastern Madera County
  • Eastern Mariposa County
  • Mono County
  • Eastern Placer County
  • Eastern Tulare County
  • Eastern Tuolumne County

So... where do we go first? And... what do we do when we get there?

Okay! We could head to the same places everyone else goes to.

You know... Yosemite... King’s Canyon... and Sequoia National Parks.

Or we could start up at the northern area... near the Nevada border.

So let’s start exploring a couple...

First let’s check out California’s smallest - Alpine County - for example. Can you believe there’s just 1,102 residents in the whole county?

So... if we’re looking to get away from all the crowds, Alpine County’s great for year-round alpine recreation, world-class ski resorts, top-notch fishing, and an assortment of lodging and dining services... ranging from rustic to modern.

Looking to go somewhere you’ve never been in the California high sierra?

Then let’s go to Eastern El Dorado County. Who would of thought you’d find a 1200-year old Norse fortress in the California high sierra?

Well... we did!

An exact replica - that is - located at the head of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, California.

Vikingsholm - as it’s known - is a magnificent "castle" - uniquely blended of nature's spectacular beauty and man's architectural ingenuity.

Nestled in among towering pines and cedars, Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight had Vikingsholm built - as a summer home in 1929.

Outstanding features of the exterior of Vikingsholm include round granite boulders embedded in mortar... typical of stone churches and castles built in the 11th century in Southern Sweden...

Vikingsholm Castle at Lake Tahoe California
  • massive hand hewn timbers characteristics of those used by the early Norsemen
  • carvings around the doors adapted from carvings that bordered old church entrances
  • carvings extending along roof ridges with dragon heads crossing at the roof peaks
  • a sod roof seeded with wildflowers

The interior of the house also carries out the Scandinavian motif, with its...

  • delicate paintings on ceilings and walls
  • Nordic fireplaces located throughout the home
  • and two intricately carved "dragon" beams, modeled on beams that hung originally in very old Viking castles hanging from the ceiling in the living room

Furnishings, carefully chosen by Mrs. Knight, enhanced and carried out the Scandinavian theme.

The castle overlooks a large pier and boat dock on the shore of Emerald Bay.

It's just a mile walk from the Highway 89 parking lot down to Vikingsholm on the shore of bay.

Let’s be adventurous and take the trail that leads from Vikingsholm to the nearby D.L. Bliss State Park.

Still not what you're looking for? Well have you...

Ever seen lava rock shaped like fence posts hanging from the side of a mountain in the California high sierra?

Then we need to go to... Eastern Madera County. Because that’s where we’ll discover Devils Postpile National Monument.

Devils Postpile National Monument

What a sight! Agreed? Just imagine... a monument featuring thousands of columns of basalt forming 100,000 years ago.

The Postpile's columns average 2 feet in diameter. Many of them are up to 60 feet long. Together they look like tall posts stacked in a pile and leaning on the side of the mountain's edge.

Not into hiking around the rocks? Okay!

Well here’s something else Eastern Madera County has to offer - Mammoth Lakes Ski Resort.

Aaahh... this resort includes Mammoth Lakes Village with lodging - with cozy fireplaces, restaurants and shopping, over 3,500 acres, 28 lifts, 150 trails, and more.

As the name implies, Mammoth Lakes not only makes us feel like we’re living large, it also, makes us feel like we are living well, no matter when we visit.

And Mammoth’s terrain suits skiers and snowboarders at all levels...

  • 25% Beginner
  • 40% Intermediate
  • 20% Advanced
  • 15% Expert

But that’s not all we can do at Mammoth Lakes... let’s go dog sledding, cross country skiing, ice climbing, hot air balloon adventures, helicopter tours, and more.

So... what else is there to do in the California high sierra?

Now if you’re not the outdoor type... there are plenty of other sights to see and things to do in the California high sierra.

And... like we said... there are 12 counties to explore, and... we’re just getting started. So keep comin’ back.

We’ll be exploring some more of those counties and sharing them with you.

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