California Mountains - If You're Looking For Getaways That Are Quiet & Serene... Then Head to Hills...

California Mountains - would you believe... there are some 138 mountains in Northern California - give or take a few?

And 26 of those are in the San Francisco bay area alone, according to Wikipedia.

Now let’s break those 138 mountains down into mountain ranges.

Afterall... we are looking for places to go, sights to see and things to do - aren’t we?

Okay, then... let’s get started...

First... There's 4 California mountain ranges. The...

  • Shasta-Cascade Mountains
  • Klamath-Siskiyous Mountains

Looking for some of the best winter skiing and snowboarding in the state?

Then head to the High-Sierras.

First Let's Discover the Shasta-Cascade Mountain Range...

The Shasta Cascade region of California - in the northeastern and north-central sections of the state - borders Oregon and Nevada , and includes far northern parts of the Central Valley.

Both Mount Shasta - in Siskiyou County - and Mount Lassen - in Shasta County - are part of the Shasta-Cascade Range.

Did you know that when you're heading up highway 299 towards Burney and Alturas... there are a couple of spots along the highway where you can see BOTH - Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen at the same time?

See if you can find them... when you’re up that way.

Mt. Eddy, in Trinity/Siskiyou County, provides deep clear lakes that are great for swimming, and camping.

Not only are there outstanding views of Mount Shasta and the Trinity Alps, but you'll see many varieties of wildflowers, too.

The Shasta-Cascades are loaded with lakes, rivers, and waterfalls.

Lake Siskiyou & Mt. Shasta

There's many places in the California mountains where you can go hiking, fishing, backpacking, camping, mountain biking, water skiing, and more.

Here are just some worth exploring...

  • Lake Siskiyou - near the town of Mt. Shasta
  • Trinity Lake - near Weaverville
  • Lake Almanor - near Chester
  • Eagle Lake - near Susanville
  • and Shasta Lake - north of Redding
  • Lake Britton - just a mile or so from Burney Falls
  • Blue Lake - in the Warner Mountains of Modoc County
  • the Sacramento River
  • McCloud River
  • Feather River - near Lake Oroville
  • Trinity River
  • and Pit River
  • as well as Mossbrae Falls - near Dunsmuir
  • the McCloud River Falls - in the Shasta/Trinity National Forest
  • and Burney Falls - in Shasta County.

Now... if you're looking for parks and recreations spots to go... then visit...

  • Castle Crags State Park
  • a new park at Upper Soda Springs
  • the Trinity Alps
  • Lava Beds National Monument
  • Clair Engle Lake
  • Castle Lake
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • Caribou Wilderness
  • Thousand Lakes Wilderness
  • and of course climbing Mount Shasta and Mount Lassen

Now Let's Trek Around the
Klamath-Siskiyou Mountain Range...

One California mountain range - the Siskiyou Mountains - are actually part of the Coastal Mountain Range in the northern Klamath Mountains going from southwestern Oregon to northwestern California.

The highest peak in the California portion of the Klamath-Siskiyou range is Preston Peak.

At 7,309 feet above sea level... Preston Peak's high elevation and closeness to the Pacific Ocean, has plenty of rain and snow. So expect to see lots of lush green forests.

They aren’t the highest or most dramatic California mountains in the area... but you'll enjoy a wide variety of plant life - and see lots of wildlife. Like... deer, elk, black bears, mountain lions, spotted owls, and more.

The Klamath River - the second largest river in California - is a great recreation river.

If you like fishing, there's Salmon, Steelhead, Trout, and Sturgeon running in the Klamath that'll give you the time of your life.

Explore the river by taking a jet boat tour or just relax and float down the river on a raft.

And that’s just the beginning...

Then there's the...

Coastal Mountain Range

The Coastal Mountains run along side the Pacific Coast north of San Francisco Bay area to the South Fork Mountains in northern Humboldt County.

They include the Mendocino mountains of western Mendocino County and the Mayacamas, Sonoma, and Vaca Mountains as well as the Marin Hills of the North Bay.

There’s plenty of things to do... like... riding the Skunk Train through the redwoods, or exploring some of their rivers, like... the Eel River or Russian River.

There is plenty to keep both kids and parents moving for a weekend or a week.

So, as you can imagine the California mountains...

...offer LOTS of places to see and things to do.

Especially if you like... hiking, camping, biking, fishing, water sports, backpacking, winter sports, or just getting out into the outdoors and enjoying the views.

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