Family Vacations - Uncover Some
of the Best Kept Secrets For Fun
in Northern California

Family vacations are always exciting to plan for.

The kids get all giggly. Mom and dad are bright and cheery.

But where do you want to go?

Exploring the ocean along the coast... horseback riding on dude ranch up in the mountains... or maybe leisurely relaxing on a houseboat out on a lake.

Northern California offers great places to go for family vacations.

Wildlife safaris and nature vacations are always a fun choice.

There’s many great places to go for... relaxing, camping, sight-seeing, boating, cave exploring, and more.

Let’s uncover some of the best kept vacation secrets in the northern part of the state.

Here’s a few places we found. So, let’s get started!

Imagine Family vacations - Houseboating, water sports, cave exploring and more...

houseboating fun

Houseboating with - secluded coves and beaches - relaxing all day with a good book...laughing with family and friends... or keeping busy with lots of fun things to do... like your favorite water sports, such as... wakeboarding, windsurfing, sailing or jet-skiing.

The adventurer can delight in exploring countless coves.

There’s lakes like... Lake Don Pedro, for instance - 160 miles of shoreline - located in the Sierra Nevada foothills, on the way to Yosemite . Rated one of California's best recreational lakes with hundreds of hidden coves and inlets to boat, fish, swim and camp.

Or Lake Oroville - 167 miles of shoreline... where we can get away from the grind with family or friends, and enjoy the uncrowded splendor.

By the way... be sure to bring your fishing gear along to take advantage of both cold and warm water fishing. Spend your day casting for spotted bass, chinook salmon, catfish and rainbow trout.

How about a family vacation on Lake Shasta - the largest man-made lake in California. A vacationers' paradise and one of the most popular house boating and recreation centers in the western United States.

When full, its 365 mile shoreline exceeds that of San Francisco Bay.

And speaking of Lake Shasta... while we’re there let’s tour...

Lake Shasta Caverns - beginning with a colorful catamaran cruise across the lake - it’s a 15 minute sail on Shasta's sky blue waters. Then we'll enter the series of connected chambers from a lower level. The caverns remain just as nature made them; Only added conveniences such as paved walkways and stairs, guardrails and indirect lighting.

Multi-colored fluted columns...magnificent stone draperies in symmetrical folds...stalactite and stalagmite formation studded with brilliant crystals...milky white flowstone deposits in miniature waterfalls.

Boating, camping, hiking and more, like...

Whiskeytown Lake - located slightly west of Redding, California in the Northern California mountains of the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area - is ideal for swimming, boating, scuba diving and fishing.

Offering 36 miles of shoreline and 3,200 surface acres of water, Whiskeytown Lake let’s you enjoy hiking, biking, bird watching and horseback riding.

We can even do some scuba diving, swimming, or just walking along the beaches at Oak Bottom, Brandy Creek and East Beach within the park area.

Let’s take an African safari - California style...

Safari West sits on 400 acres in the heart of California’s wine country near Santa Rosa, California.

It is not a zoo or a drive-through park, it IS a wildlife preserve for the animals to live in a natural habitat.

Over 500 individual animals like...

Antelope, Barbary sheep, Watusi, cheetah, gazelle, giraffes, impalas, zebras, warthogs, and hundreds of others for you to see.

Want a slower, country-western pace?

How about...

Horseback riding at a dude ranch...

Like at Coffee Creek Ranch, for example. Sitting on 367 acres surrounded by National Forest and the Trinity Alps wilderness area in Northern California.

Or... Greenhorn Creek Guest Ranch in Quincy, California... just 70 miles from the Reno Tahoe Airport.

Just imagine... a family vacation of riding miles of horseback riding trails... cookouts on the trail, campfire sing-alongs, country western, line and swing dancing; delicious bar-b-ques; fun western activities for the kids and the whole family!

And this is just the beginning...

There’s many more family vacation sights to see in Northern California.

And we’re just getting started.

So keep checking back.

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