Gilroy Theme Park - Gilroy Gardens -
A Great Place For Mom, Dad
and the Little Ones
To Have
Exciting Family Fun

Where’s Gilroy Theme Park, you ask? It’s about 80 miles south east from San Francisco - in Santa Clara County.

C’mon... let’s take the family and head over to their ‘Family Garden Theme Park’. The...

Gilroy Gardens - created for families - is a wonderful theme park for kids around 11 years old and younger, and for adults who like gardens, flowers, and waterfalls.

Not your typical theme park with all the faster-bigger-taller-scarier rides, Gilroy Gardens botanical theme was inspired by a collection of extraordinary trees - trained into all kinds of shapes.

Gilroy Gardens

Gilroy Theme Park - Perfect for kids of all ages...

It's not a giant, frantic amusement park... more on the smaller size offering many benches and water features to let you have a lazier stroll between attractions.

Even though you won't find big, screaming roller coasters at Gilroy Gardens, you will find over 40 rides, gardens and exhibits. Like the...

  • Banana Split - Banana-shaped swinging ship ride
  • Mushroom Swing - Mushroom shaped swing ride
  • Timber Twister - Rattlesnake shaped junior roller coaster
  • Garlic Twirl - Garlic-themed "tea cups" style ride
  • Sky Trail Monorail - Monorail ride through Monarch Butterfly Greenhouse
  • Paddle Boats - Duck shaped paddle boats
  • Rainbow Gardens Boats - Raft ride though flower gardens
  • Coyote & Redwood Railroad - Train ride around park perimeter
  • Quicksilver Express - Mine-themed roller coaster

Gilroy Garden's Quicksilver Express Mine Coaster is themed after a local abandoned mine, South County Backroads and Gilroy Gardens very own railroad!

Exhibits include their collection of world famous Circus Trees, a rock maze, and the Learning Sheds. And you won't want to miss their six majestic gardens throughout the park.

Splash & Squirt - opened all days when the temperature is 72 degrees or higher. Located across from the two kiddie rides in the game area... recommended for little ones in diapers.

Illions Supreme Carousel - One of the most ornate carousels ever built. Dating back to 1927, it has 64 beveled glass mirrors, 1200 lights, 96 carved figures and 48 horses lead by Gilroy Garden’s spectacular Rose Horse.

South County Backroads - Step back in time as you cruise through lavishly landscaped grounds in either a roadster from the 1920’s or a 1950’s Chevy - your choice! Enjoy viewing over 300 mature trees during this scenic ride.

Gilroy Gardens Mushroom Swings

Smaller children have a good time because the lines are shorter and there’s lots of rides just for them... even a smaller-sized carousel just for the very little ones.

To help make your trip to Gilroy Theme Park even more fun, here’s a few tips for you...

  • The best views of the park are from the Panoramic Wheel
  • The faster cars on the Garlic Twirl are purple
  • Lines are longer at Rainbow Garden and Paddle Boats

So let’s pack up the kids and go!

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