Lombard Street - Explore One of
San Francisco's Crookedest Street
in the City...

Lombard Street - Famous for the short steep section on Russian Hill.

Known as the "crookedest street in the world"... the curvy part of it stretches only one block between Hyde and Leavenworth streets - just a few blocks above Ghirardelli Square.

When the two-way, brick paved street was constructed in 1922, eight - ‘S - like’ switchback curves were installed to reduce the grade from 27% to 16%.

In 1939, the street was made one-way only.

Paved with red bricks, the crooked section - about 1/4 mile long - is reserved for one-way traffic traveling east - downhill - at a speed limit of a mere 5 mph and contains.

In its high season, summer weekends, as many as 350 cars per hour drive down the street.

Feel more like huffin' and puffin' your way up Lombard Street...

There’s about 250 steps on either side of the street you can take... if you don’t want to make the drive down the hill.

In addition to the street's red brick construction, it’s one of the most beautiful streets in San Francisco.

Lombard Street

Lined with gorgeous - perfectly trimmed - hydrangea shrubs and colorful flowers that are always blooming, this weaving winding street is alive with color.

The residents preserve their street’s beauty by adding their own plants and flowers in their front yards to match the landscape of the street.

Now that's pride in your neighborhood. Yes?

This street provides a great view of Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower, the bay, and the Bay Bridge.

It's also one of the few roads that doesn't have power poles or streetcar lines obstructing your view.

This street is less about all the twists and turns and more about the experience and its gorgeous view overlooking the bay area.

As fun as it is to play tourist and take lots of photos at the bottom of the street, it's even more fun to be able to drive your car through all the zig zags!

Just try to take a single picture of this street that doesn't have a car or a tourist in it... we dare you!

But did you there's another very crooked street in the city?

Yep! It's Vermont Street... between 20th and 22nd in the Potero Hill.

Standing up on top and gazing out over the city... it's one of the most breath-taking views of the city. Don't you agree?

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