Mendocino Wine Country - Where
Families, Wine Connoisseurs, and

Fresh Air Enthusiasts Find
Plenty To Do and More...

On any given day in Mendocino wine country, the county’s winemakers and winery owners are on site.

Handcrafting their wines, walking their vineyards and welcoming guests -  like you and me - to their small tasting rooms and visitor facilities.
Covering nearly 4,000 square miles... explore everything from dramatic ocean bluffs to snow-capped mountain peaks, and sun-warmed inland valleys.

Broken down in 5 distinct regions...

  • Anderson Valley
  • North Coast
  • North County
  • South County
  • Upper Russian River Valley

Let’s explore a couple now... just to get started.

A trip to Mendocino wine country is like going...

...over the river and through the woods... winding our way through pastures, around mountains and past rivers.
Hand-held walks and dinners for two have attracted lovers to its wine country for decades.

Families, wine connoisseurs and fresh air enthusiasts find plenty to do here.
Ride a bike or take a hike in a state park, fish the rivers and streams, play golf or tennis, and even go horseback riding.
If you’d rather... how about just taking it easy, riding the historic Skunk Train into the Redwoods or visiting the Ridgewood Ranch, home of the famous racehorse Seabiscuit.

Let’s stroll downtown and indulge in the uncrowded and friendly wine tasting rooms.
For example... in the Upper Russian River Valley region, the tiny town of Hopland - on Highway 101, boasts of having more than 10 tasting rooms... all within walking distance.

Hey! No need for a designated driver.

Wine Tasting Rooms in Hopland CA

Sip! Mendocino, in Hopland, carries about 100 Mendocino County wines.

Sample up to 18 wines daily, even from wineries that don’t have their own tasting rooms.

Anderson Valley... is where you can experience the good life of this hidden valley... relaxation and rejuvenation just comes with the territory.

Anderson Valley boasts many world-class winemakers who continually experiment with the exceptional grapes grown in the area’s varied micro-climates.

Like... Yorkville Cellars or Maple Creek Vineyards in Yorkville, CA.
Or... Breggo Cellars or Champ De Reves in Boonville, CA.

And that’s just a few to mention.

Here... it seems like - in a single day's drive - you can taste the entire European continent...

...or at least the winemaking parts of it.
Just take a look and see for yourself...

Since its climate and landscape fluctuates so drastically, the wine tasting experience varies, too.
There's a joyous mood in the Mendocino wine country... where old vines and extraordinary organic wines flourish.

While it seems that California's wine country is more well - known wine regions have settled into comfortable regional characters, like...

  • Napa is known for its Bordeaux
  • Sonoma is known for its Burgundy
  • the Central Coast is known for its southern Rhone

Mendocino is a joyous mixture of all.
Did you know that in 2004, Mendocino became the first county in the United States to ban GMO’s - genetically modified organisms or materials? That’s right!

It’s often hailed as America’s Greenest Wine Region, home to the first certified organic winery in the country, with an overall commitment to sustainability unrivaled in the United States.

Long before craft beers came into fashion, Mendocino County was home to leading artisan breweries.

But that’s a whole other story for another time.

Okay... So what do you say... shall we go exploring Mendocino wine country?

Let's go!

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