Napa Wine Train Ride - Take A Scenic Journey Through Napa Valley's
Lush Vineyards and More...

Ready to hop on board the Napa Wine Train? It's perfect for a relaxing three-hour, thirty-six mile round-trip.

Chugging along between the historic town of Napa through one of the world's most famous wine regions -- the Napa Valley wineries... with the aroma of crushed grapes filling the air -- to the quaint village of St. Helena and back.

As the Napa Wine Train rides smoothly along the tracks at a leisurely 15 or so miles per hour, we'll get a scenic journey through Napa Valley's picturesque vineyards.

We'll pass world-renowned wineries; like... Robert Mondavi Trefethen, Domaine Chandon, Grgich Hills, Cakebreak, Beaulieu and many more.

The hardest part of the whole experience - selecting our itinerary when we make our reservations.

We don't have to eat anything or drink anything to ride the train... but we highly recommend doing both.

Napa Valley Wine Train

Why not spoil ourselves in a world of pure indulgence. Partaking in champagne and gourmet cuisine; served as we take in the beauty of the many Napa Valley wineries.

Experiencing a 3-hour culinary adventure and enjoying elegant rail travel with distinguished service.

Savoring an exquisite gourmet meal for brunch, lunch or dinner in lavishly-restored vintage 1915-1947 Pullman Dining, Lounge, and Vista Dome Rail cars; representing three styles of restaurants.

But, if we don’t want to indulge ourselves in the lap of luxury, we can pop into the Silverado car that features open air dining in a 'western' motif.

But that's not all... the Napa Wine Train has a treat for us...

Murder Mystery Dinner Theater

Love and intrigue is in the air. And in an Agatha Christie's 'Murder on the Orient-Express' like fashion... we'll meet all the suspicious characters embroiled in a truly romantic adventure.

So what's going on, you ask? It's a mystery!

The Napa Wine Train has a new murder mystery play centering on the clandestine world of gum shoe. Something is afoot so we must keep our eyes peeled. We don't miss a trick!

Solving the mystery makes for some fun conversation and creative thinking.

So let’s prepare to mix and mingle -- we can even dress the part. Then just get down to business and solve the murder.

If murder mystery dinner theaters aren’t to your liking... there’s more events to choose from such as...

  • Holiday special events... like Father’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas (Santa Trains), New Years, Valentine’s Day, Easter, and Mother’s Day
  • Eat, See, Learn Wine Tasting Class
  • Moonlight Escape
  • Cheers! Train
  • And so much more...

Now C’mon... what’s the Napa Wine Train journey without a Napa wineries tour? So let’s try one of these...

But before we get started touring the Napa Valley wineries... some of us might need some help in wine tasting basics.

So be sure to stop by the Napa Wine Train's Tasting Bar and get some knowledgeable tips from the wine educators.

Then it’s off we go...

  • Evening Winery Tour (Every Saturday -- 'after hours' at Grgich Hills Estate)
  • Ambassador Winery Tour (a tour of almost the whole Napa Valley - including stops at Raymond Vineyards and ZD Winery... Offered March through November, Monday through Thursday)
  • Domaine Chandon Winery Tour (Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays only)
  • Grgich Hills Winery Tour -- tours every lunch train
  • Valley First Tour -- tours every lunch train (Raymond Family Vineyards) see Raymond’s theater of Nature -- explore wines, vineyards and winemaking practices highlighting their organic and biodynamic farming practices and sample Raymond’s wine as we’re guided through a comprehensive tour.

Expanding on the list above... we can even purchase the Evening Winery Tour featuring the Grgich Hills Estate for the Saturday dinner train rides.

On Monday through Thursday during the months of March through November, the Wine Train offers the Ambassador Winery Tour featuring Raymond Vineyards and ZD Wines, for every lunch train.

Guests scheduled to visit the Domaine Chandon Tour disembark at Yountville during the southbound leg of the trip on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. After the tour, we're transported back to the McKinstry Street station by motor coach.

And, also, every lunch train offers the Valley First Winery Tour featuring Raymond Vineyards, and the Grgich Hills Winery Tour.

Oh... and did you know, the Grgich Hills Estate was the first winery to allow passengers to disembark the train and enjoy a private tour of the winery back in July 1996? It’s true!

So do you know how the Napa Wine Train began...?

Vincent DeDomenico on Napa Wine Train

Vincent DeDomenico, the Golden Grain pasta company's business tycoon, grew up in San Francisco's Mission District near the main line trains that ran to and from the San Francisco terminal.

In 1986, after five decades in the pasta trade, he sold his company, along with the legendary Ghirardelli Chocolate Company that he had bought in 1964.

Looking for a fun, new thing, DeDomenico got the idea for the Napa Valley Wine Train, when he and his wife took a trip on the Orient Express.

He envisioned creating a comparable level of wine, food, and luxury for rail passengers in California.

So... when the opportunity came, DeDomenico bought the short line's right-of-way and its dilapidated tracks from downtown Napa to St. Helena from Southern Pacific.

The tracks in Calistoga have long been ripped out, but the remaining thirty-six-odd miles enable diners to take a pleasant, 3-hour trip from Napa town to St. Helena and back.

DeDomenico said he didn't want to do a honky-tonk railroad and credited his wife with outfitting the interiors of the antique rail cars.

They wanted to do the Orient Express of the West.

Overcoming many challenging obstacles, the Napa Wine Train began operation on September 16, 1989.

Today the Wine Train...

...hosts those of us who are celebrating a new direction in our life, like... our anniversaries, our birthdays, our friendships, and sometimes even our family losses.

The wine train attracts history buffs like a magnet... as well as lovers of antique rail travel and the life it used to represent.

There’s not many places left in the United States where we can actually relive the experience on board these beautiful antique rail cars.

The Napa Wine Train carries somewhere around 100,000 passengers per year.

It departs from the downtown Napa station, located at 1275 McKinstry Street.

Oh yes... even though there's no actual dress code, guests usually dress up... but we don't have to.

Also, if you’re an active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces, be sure to ask about the special military discounts they offer.

So if you're ready for some relaxation, let's get our reservations.

For information on the Napa Valley Wine Train's schedule and fares, we need to call (800) 427-4124 or visit

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