Northern Coast - Walk California's
Sandy Beaches, Build San Castles, Gaze Out
at Stunning Sunrises & Sunsets, and More...

Love stunning beauty?

Then the California's northern coast gives you the best of TWO worlds... spectacular sandy beaches of the Pacific Ocean... and the world’s tallest trees - the California Redwoods.
The Redwoods are some of California's last remaining "old growth" timber.
The Avenue of the Giants are the largest remaining stand of virgin redwoods in the world.
Intimate!  Breath-taking! Cathedral-like groves that reach so high, that in some points, the road never feels the warmth of the sun.
But that’s just some of the beauty the northern coast has to offer.

There are only 4 counties to explore in this region. They are...

  • Del Norte County
  • Humboldt County
  • Lake County

So if you’re ready... let’s touch on a couple of places in some of them. Okay? First let’s head to... 

Del Norte County and visit Crescent City beaches...

Ocean View in Crescent City, California

In the Crescent City area, visiting the beautiful beaches is a must. This county boasts some real gems. Like... Enderts Beach.

This secluded California northern coast paradise is just what the doctor ordered for collecting yourself and clearing your head.

Crescent Beach - another beach just two miles south of Crescent City off Enderts Beach Rd. Offers picnicking and beach-combing. Two popular activities at this sandy beach.

Just south of the Oregon border, Pelican State Beach - the northernmost State Beach in California - is a great place for a leisurely walk or surf fishing.

So whether you’re into skimming, swimming, windsurfing, picnicking or just taking a stroll at sunset, the beaches in Del Norte County will provide you with a memorable experience.

And while you’re in the area, here’s a few more beaches to check out...

  • Hidden Beach
  • Beachfront Park
  • Kellogg Beach
  • Point St. George
  • South Beach
  • Wilson Creek Beach
  • High Bluff Beach
  • Lake Earl Wildlife Area

Now Let’s Tour Humboldt County’s One-Log House...

They say  - home is where your heart is. And in the case of the One-Log House, this home is the heartwood of a 2,100 year old redwood - carved out by hand to make a complete home with all the amenities.

The log for the One-Log House - was cut down and transported to Eureka where it was hollowed out by hand, using tools such as drills, chisels, wedges and adzes - a tool similar to an ax used for trimming and shaping wood.

The log measures 32 feet long... and about 10-11 feet in diameter.  Its interior height is just over 6 feet.

The inside is divided into kitchen, bathroom, living and bedroom areas.

While in the California northern coast area, go inside the house itself, and enjoy a gift shop with espresso bar, which includes shakes, smoothies, frappes and other refreshments.

Also enjoy outdoor picnicking areas, fun antique logging photos, and a souvenir penny-smashing machine.

Okay... Now it’s onto Mendocino County’s - glass beach...

Glass Beach is a beautiful, rugged beach west of Fort Bragg - in Mendocino County - with cliffs and crashing waves.
There's little sand, but nevertheless, Glass Beach is one of California's most interesting beaches.
Once the dumping ground of Fort Bragg, the city closed it down in the 1960s. But broken glass remained.

Over the years the glass has been ground and polished...  "weathered" for years by the sea, wind and waves.
For many years, a steady stream of visitors collected glass to take home.
Finally, before this unique sight was lost forever, the state parks took it over, and removing glass is now prohibited.
Glass Beach also collects lots of pretty seashells.

In addition to some spectacular glass pieces, the California northern coast Glass Beach has a very interesting array of tide pools to explore.
Crabs, mollusks, and many aquatic plants make their homes in these ever changing environments.

It is very easy to spend your whole day poking around the tide pools and watching the busy little worlds that go on inside each one.

Okay... that’s just a taste of some of California's northern coast. There's much more to see...

There are much, much more to explore.  Check back often as we continue discovering each of the counties more in-depth. So... see you soon!

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