Old Sacramento - Picture Stagecoach Drivers, Train Conductors, &  Riverboat Captains Mingling with Candy Store Kids &
Baby Stroller Pushers...

Aahhh... Old Sacramento - a taste of the Old West... with dirt and cobblestone streets flanked with wooden sidewalks and "gold rush era"-style buildings.
This 28-acre town - with 53 historic buildings - built in the early 1800s - takes you back in time to the California Gold Rush era.
Horse-drawn carriages, old-fashioned candy shops and Mississippi-style riverboats, brings history to life.
Take a ride on a steam engine train or in a horse-drawn carriage... sit in an authentic desk inside a one-roomed 1800s replica schoolhouse... or dress up in 1850’s costumes and get an old-fashioned picture taken.

Wander Through THE Big Four Building in Old Sacramento...

...including the Huntington Hopkins Hardware Store Museum and Stanford Gallery.

History tip - known as the "Big Four Building," the Huntington, Hopkins & Company Hardware Store and Stanford Brothers Warehouse - as well as the adjoining Nathaniel Dingley Steam Coffee & Spice Mill building played important roles in showcasing the city's early railroad and commercial heritage.

Businesses throughout California relied on Huntington, Hopkins & Company Hardware for mining equipment, construction and dredging machinery, and blasting powder.
Farmers ordered stones - for milling grain - and all kinds of plows through the store.
Lumber companies procured axes and adzes - a cutting tool with a thin arched blade set at right angles to the handle and used for shaping wood, cross-cut saws, and huge band saw blades.

See where the Pony Express Line ended in Old Sacramento...

B.F. Hastings opened as a bank in April 1853 and it is now a museum housing a reconstructed Supreme Court, Wells Fargo Bank and the Pony Express.
See displays like... a scale model of the Wells Fargo Concord Stagecoach... original Howard & Davis gold scales... and a large safe for storing gold.

Wells Fargo Bank Museum in Old Sacramento

Adventure and ambition really tells the story of the riders for the Pony Express.
Just imagine... conquering a 1,967-mile mail run - on horseback - from St. Louis, Missouri to the - end of the line - in Sacramento, California.

And did you know... that city-to-city relay took less than 10 days to ride? WOW!

See the sculpture that stands - at the junction of 2nd and J Street -  honoring those brave young men. 

Walk around Old Sacramento and discover more museums like the...

  • California State Railroad Museum -  the most comprehensive collection of trains and other related artifacts in North America.
  • Sacramento History Museum -  with special presentation on the Gold Rush, newspaper business and agriculture industries.

  • California Military Museum - housing over 33,000 artifacts as well a substantial library and archives.

  • Old Sacramento Schoolhouse Museum - the one-room replica schoolhouse featuring a pot-bellied stove... vintage student desks... and other furnishings typical of the period... and more.

Do you - or your kids - love toys? And who doesn’t. Then...

G. Willikers! Toy Emporium - down on Front Street - is exactly where you need to go. Step in from the historic boardwalks and city scenery to a playhouse of entertainment and an amazing world of nostalgia and good old-fashioned fun.
This toy-filled extravaganza believes that fun doesn’t just come in the form of high-tech or computerized toys.
So... take a step back in time... to when toys were more simple and didn’t always have microchips and batteries.
G. Willikers - focuses on all forms of fun, ranging from a huge assortment of nostalgic and hard-to-find toys to one of the largest collection of the newest model train sets and components in Northern California.

Have a sweet tooth?

In Old Sacramento you’ll get to choose from some 8 candy stores and taste sweets like old-fashion taffy, peanut brittle, Rocky Mountain chocolate, and more.
One shop - The Candy Barrel on 2nd Street - has barrels and barrels of sweets - a wide assortment of candies... chocolates... confections... and more.
Just try choosing from...

  • Over 60 flavors of Salt Water Taffy including favorites such as Banana, Carmel Apple, Buttered Popcorn, Peanut Butter, Guava & Mango
  • Over 40 flavors of jelly beans including favorites like Very Cherry, Blueberry, Margarita, A&W Rootbeer, & Assorted Sours

Counting Carbs? Diabetic? No worries!

The Candy Barrel has a variety of sugar free candies and confections like... Salt Water Taffy... Nut and Toffy Mixes... and hard candies.

These are just a few sights you’ll see in Old Sacramento. There’s much, much more...

Go aboard the authentic 285-foot floating hotel. A historic riverboat... the Delta King - docked in Old Sacramento.

This five-decked beauty... houses a hotel, restaurant, theater and lounge.
Picture yourself enjoying dinner at the Pilothouse Restaurant... an oak-paneled dining room and lounge while overlooking the Sacramento River.

Well... what are you waiting for?

We don’t want share everything you’ll see... just know - it’s a fun place to come and spend the day. You won’t be disappointed!

Oh and by the way... be sure to bring your camera!

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