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There's a secret of Placer County you may not know about - the Placer county wineries.

Yep! That's right! Nestled in the Sierra foothills... a series of family-run boutique wineries... dedicate themselves to preserving the area’s historic winemaking legacy.

Now even though most of their vineyards are small... it's still worth stopping and touring them yourself.

You see... these close family winemakers are part of the charm.

The county’s Mediterranean-like warm days and cool nights provide an ideal climate for producing superior wine grapes similar to that of France’s Rhone Valley.

Now... we hear the wineries are one of the fastest rising wine regions in California.

Growing from four wineries in 2001 to more than 16 now in operation.

The vitners love sharing their enthusiasm with you... by offering samples of their award-winning wines.

So... wine lovers - when we speak of paradise - let's raise our glass to Placer County.

Want to see what we mean? Let's watch this short video...

Okay! So... are you ready to tour some wineries in the Sierra Foothills?

Then let’s head up either Interstate 80 or State Highway 49, to Placer County.

Enjoy taking the scenic country roads with all the historic Gold Rush towns amid the rolling green hills and Mother Lode of the Placer region.

And then relishing the experience of a close family-like wine tasting affair.

Crafted with down-to-earth attitudes... these wineries may be the newer kids on the block in regards to retailing vintages, but we’ve heard the wine grapevines planted here have existed for more than 160 years - just about the time James Marshall discovered gold.

Of all the Placer County wineries, according to Sac Wine Region, the following list offers complimentary tastings, picnic areas and tours.

Now... even though the following wineries claim to offer FREE wine tastings, picnic areas, and tours, it might be a good idea to call ahead and ask before going.

Afterall... things DO change.

Pescatore Vineyard & Winery

7055 Ridge Rd.
Newcastle, CA 95658
(916) 663-1422

The Pescatore wines are estate grown & bottled, except the Cabernet Franc and the Chardonnay, in the traditional way... using a basket press.

Their wine is then aged in oak barrels with no fining or filtering.

They are opened Monday through Friday by appointment
And on Saturday and Sunday 12:00noon to 5:00pm

Even though the winery is open most weekends 12:00 noon to 5:00pm and weekdays by appointment, we suggest calling ahead to ask for availability.

Winemaker David Wegner says the varietals they offer include...

  • Barbera
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Chardonnay
  • Dry Rosé
  • Petite Sirah
  • Shiraz / Syrah
  • Zinfandel

Noelle W of Newcastle, CA says...

Great wine! Great prices!

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