Shasta County -  Walk Over a Sundial Bridge… Sleep in Antique Railcars…
and More…

Think the Shasta County area is a summer only attraction? Well guess again.
We'll show you a few places to explore.
Like… Mt. Shasta Ski Park… a great place to go downhill skiing… cross-country… snowboarding and telemarking - also known as Free-heel downhilling.

Also enjoy snowshoeing… snowmobiling… dog sledding… ice-skating… ice fishing… and even the good ole' favorites like tobogganing and staying in that winter cabin you've always dreamed about.

The town of McCloud has wonderful little shops to enjoy… and cozy bed and breakfasts just off Hwy 89.

Mt. Shasta Resort offers a place for the whole family to have fun... Golf… romance… and fun in the sun.

Like… hiking… biking… horseback riding are great ways to surround yourself in the lush forests at the base of Mt. Shasta.

But here's a few more - not so well known - places you might enjoy. Like…

Railroad Park Resort - What an experience…

Railroad Park Resort in Dunsmuir. Where you can leisurely explore the area. And then drift off to slumber land inside a restored railroad caboose.
Yes… a collection of antique railway cabooses in Shasta County… converted into individual cabins.

Dine in the 1893 Wells Fargo car or Pullman "Club Car".  You can almost hear the whistle blow and the train sway as you enjoy a delicious meal prepared just for you in their galley kitchen.

These vintage railroad cars are a museum all on their own.

Railroad Park Resort in Shasta County

Inside each antique car is an atmosphere steeped in nostalgia… antique hand tools, gauges, pictures, signals and other artifacts recall the glory days of railroading in the west and specifically the Dunsmuir and McCloud area.

Imagine sleeping in a caboose and waking to the views of the Castle Crags.
The kids splashing in the pool while you and your honey soak in the hot tub.

Sundial Bridge - More than a bridge… a work of art…

The Sundial Bridge - made of glass and steel, is located in Turtle Bay in Redding CA... just a few miles off I-5 in Shasta County.
The 217-foot pylon acts as a sundial, telling time on a tile covered garden border on the north side of the bridge.

The bridge resembles a bird in flight; symbolizing the overcoming of adversity.

It's 700-foot-long, 23-foot-wide… a true work of art.

Deemed the largest working sundial in the world… soaring over the Sacramento River… you can take a casual stroll… bike… or jog across it.

Sundial Bridge in Shasta County

Spectacular in its aqua green, opaque glass deck… strips of granite… and smooth, white imported Spanish tile, it links the north and south campuses of Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

No section of the bridge makes contact with the water… so it doesn't inhibit the sensitive salmon-spawning habitat.

Once you've walked across it… you'll know it's much more than a bridge… it's a work of art.

Shasta Dam - Gaze out at the 3 Shasta's…

Take a tour of Shasta Dam… the second largest dam in America located just outside of Redding in Shasta County. There's no charge for the experience… and it's quite the sight to see.

The whole tour takes about 1 hour and is offered on a first come, first served basis.

Only 40 people are allowed to tour at a time. Just pick up you FREE tour tickets at the Visitor's Center.

When you're starting out… be sure to check out the 3 Shasta's… Shasta Dam… Shasta Lake and Mt. Shasta.

Shasta Lake at Shasta Dam with Mt. Shasta in the background

Then ride an elevator down inside the dam where guides share the history… purpose and construction of this huge project.

After the short walk through the dam… head over to the powerhouse to see the state's largest hydroelectric generating station.

Then There's Shasta Lake…

Shasta Lake - 365 miles of shoreline… secluded coves and inlets offers you that close personal - 'we're the only ones on the lake' feeling.

Go houseboating on Shasta Lake where you can eat. Sleep. Swim. Fish.

And explore this Shasta County lake from the comfort of your floating home.

There's 10 marina resorts to choose from… with more than 450 houseboats available for renting.
Everything from small rustic ones to huge, luxurious with all the amenities... like hot tubs… outdoor kitchens… fly bridges and much more.

Fish for all kinds of game fish. Like… largemouth and smallmouth bass… rainbow and German brown trout… landlocked salmon… sturgeon and more…

Keep your eyes open for black bear… whitetail deer… otters… osprey… and on the California's largest population of bald eagles - more than 22 pairs have been sighted.

Like Caving? Well Discover Lake Shasta Caverns…

Yes Lake Shasta has caverns. And to get there… you'll take in 3 adventures in one.
First… you'll cruise across beautiful Lake Shasta… followed by a scenic bus tour around the McCloud Arm of the lake. 

And finally you'll end at the caverns where you'll capture spectacles of cave formations such as soda straws… stalactites… stalagmites… cave coral… helictites… and much more.

Imagine being inside the cavern with light glistening off calcite crystals embedded in stone walls of limestone and marble.
Water crashing on rocks as it falls from the ceiling high above your head.

So… we've given you a few places to explore the Shasta County and have fun doing it…

Well as you can see… there's lots to see and do in this gorgeous county.

We've just touched on a few things to whet your curiosity.

We're sure you'll discover lots more on your own once you get here.

So… what are you waiting for? Grab the family and head to Shasta County!

Well c'mon... let’s go!

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