Sierra County - Where You'll Sit Back & Enjoy Simpler Times, the Breathtaking Sierra-Nevada Mountains, and More...

The most rugged of the Gold Country counties, Sierra County is a nature wonderland year-round.

From the western deep river canyons and Sierra Buttes, through the Lakes Basin... experience incredible fishing, hiking, mountain biking, winter sporting, and more.

But don’t forget Sierra Valley... where generations of ranchers raise cattle, in much the same way they did during the gold rush days.

In fact... if you’re over that way, you might just see an old-fashioned cattle drive.

We hear... visiting this area is good for your health.

So keep it simple... no schedules... no deadlines... just sit back and enjoy the drive.

It's a great place to rest... relax... and unwind.

Look at those breathtaking views of the sierra mountains and the wild rivers around you.

Located in the heart of the northern Sierra-Nevada Mountain Range, this county remains pretty much the same today as it did over 100 years ago... when the gold seeking adventurers worked the rivers and mountains searching for their fortune.

When visiting... take a step back in time for a moment... feel the adventure... sense the struggle. And yes... experience that excitement of gold fever.

Imagine how it was when men and women worked their way through this rugged country by foot or on horseback.

When driving around Sierra County... Stop. Listen. And look.

You can almost hear the sound of creaking wheels and braying mules. Can’t you?

With over 100 glacially formed lakes and ponds... an abundance of trails make hiking, biking, kayaking, horseback riding and off-highway vehicle riding a special treat for the whole family.

Historic lodges and restaurants are nestled in some of the most spectacular settings of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

How about spending a lazy afternoon in historic Downieville or Sierra City.

Or taking a hike to the Sierra Buttes lookout tower... capturing the breathtaking views of the county and the Sierra-Nevada mountains.

When you’re in Sierra City, stop by the country store - located right in the middle of town - and check out the Weather Station.


If relaxation’s on your mind... enjoy an evening dinner.

Then soak in a natural hot springs - with spring water as smooth as silk - and relish the tranquility of a soothing massage before retiring for a good night's sleep at the Hot Springs and Historic Globe Hotel.

Another place we hear is worth exploring is... the Lure Resort.

They say they offer the finest selection of lodging and vacation rentals in Downieville California.

Sitting on fourteen beautiful riverfront acres providing a serene environment for your enjoyment just outside of Downieville - right in the heart of the magnificent Tahoe National Forest.

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