Weekend Getaways - Slip Away - Have Fun and Relax in Some of Northern California's Secret Hideaways ...

Weekend getaways anyone?

Anxious and tense?

Overdue for a break...

Maybe you and your loved one haven't done anything fun or romantic lately.

Looking for some alone time together... relaxing - rejuvenating...

Guys... looking for some fun-time with your buddies...

Gals... looking for an all-girls weekend - bonding together - getting pampered, relaxing by the pool, getting a massage, doing some bargain hunting, and such...

Mom and dad... how about a quick family weekend getaway. Somewhere you and your sweetie can relax... while the kids... romp and play!

Well... here's some ideas. How about...

  • Ballooning
  • Bird Watching
  • Camping 
  • Canoeing
  • Cycling
  • Hiking 
  • Horseback Riding 
  • House Boating 
  • Kayaking
  • Paddle-boarding
  • Rafting
  • Relaxation & Leisure
  • Romantic
  • Sailing
  • Scenic Flights
  • Scuba Diving
  • Spa & Massage
  • Vineyard Touring
  • Whale Watching
  • Wildlife Watching

Looking for a romantic weekend...

Northern California's loaded with tiny - out of the way - towns perfect for weekend getaways.

Take the town of Napa, for example... filled with romantic restaurants, charming little shops... trails to walk.

Embrace nature... enjoy live theater...explore local wineries with amazing views. Relax... be pampered and more.

Romantic weekend getaway in Northern California

Indulge every kind of interest... from spas to shopping to touring and more.

Let's venture out and start exploring.

So, ready to get started?

In Napa County there’s Calistoga, CA...

The northernmost town in Napa Valley, Calistoga known as the spa capitol of Napa Valley and a great place to go for a weekend getaway.

Calistoga, California, is a small, unpretentious town at the northern end of the Napa Valley.

Known for its spas, mineral water hot springs, mud baths, wineries, and natural wonders, Calistoga has retained the feel of the "old" Napa Valley and its Western roots.

With over a dozen Calistoga spas to choose from, you could get so relaxed here that you'd never leave.

Imagine taking weekend getaways to Calistoga Ranch luxury hotel, resort and spa for example...

Picture you and your loved one on a weekend getaway in plush, natural elegance.

Calistoga Ranch - a luxury Napa resort nestled in a secluded Upper Napa Valley canyon on 157 lush, oak-lined acres.

Enjoying a celebration of Napa wine and food to restorative Napa spa offerings... experiencing a peaceful mingling of the outdoors and endless inspiration.

Savor the private Napa restaurant... celebrating the rich culture of local wines and cuisine, using the lush fruits and vegetables and such... of the region.

Seeking rejuvenation? Then ‘The Spa’ is your place to go to indulge in tantalizing Napa spa treatments and take advantage of the natural healing mineral waters.

And while you’re there, be sure to take advantage of their state-of-the-art fitness center, their yoga deck, and their pool featuring dramatic views of the resort's private vineyard and oak groves.

couple enjoying a private resor

Just imagine... acres of land dedicated to hiking, relaxing, and more.

Choosing from 48 free-standing guest lodges. Each reflecting and embracing the pristine natural surroundings, like... expansive cedar decks, rich polished woods and floor-to-ceiling windows that frame the tall pines beyond.

Featuring a cozy fireplace, original artwork, down duvets, Italian linens and signature botanical bath products. And how about showering under the stars - in your secluded outdoor shower garden.

Iris N of Laguna Beach CA says...

If I could give this place 10 stars, I would.

We wanted a luxury experience and this resort far exceeded our expectations.

We were planning on staying 2 nights but extended our stay to 4 nights because we were so impressed.

Overall it was so relaxing and beautiful. This was one of the best trips we've taken.

Or if you want to take a tour and some wine tasting in Calistoga, then check out...

Castello di Amorosa, owner, Dario Sattui's authentically-styled, 121,000 square foot, 13th century, 107 room, Tuscan castle and winery.

Then it’s THE weekend getaway place to go.

Castello de Amorosa Tuscan castl

Imagine... Italy in Calistoga! The breathtaking entrance keeps you intrigue of what lies pass that vintage gate. A castle nestled on the slope of a mountain overlooking the Napa Valley.

Okay... are you ready to explore a real Tuscan castle and taste their hand-crafted Italian style wines? Like... the Il Barone Cabernet Sauvignon and the La Castellana Super Tuscan Blend.

Reminiscent of old world castles, the Castello is complete with 107 rooms; each one different.

Go down into the deep underground and discover rooms like the Great Hall - a must see, the Grand Barrel Room, wine cellars and caves, a dungeon, and Torture Chamber - complete with iron maiden; old world punishment tools at their best.

Jennifer Y of San Francisco, CA says...

Where else are you going to find a 12th Century based Tuscan Castle with its own dungeon & torture chamber?

Also known as " The Castle" this is a must visit on any trip to Napa Valley.

Castello Di Amorosa is the older sister to V. Sattui Winery down the road.

Gorgeous views and amazing architecture. You almost forget you're still in California.

If you’re looking for something with more action... Then venture over to Mendocino County...

Here’s a weekend getaway where you can head to the beach... kick back and... watch the waves, pick up seashells with the kids and walk along on the shoreline.

Or... how about some horseback riding along the coast... we hear Lari Shea’s Ricochet Ridge Ranch - across from McKerricher State Park in Fort Bragg, California is a great place to go horseback riding.

Patrick H. from Eureka, CA says...

We paid extra for a private ride with our most excellent guide - Rebecca - who made our ride fantastic.

Nothing beats the fresh ocean air, clip clop of horse hooves, and a gentle trot along the shore.

The prices are reasonable, the staff is knowledgeable, and the experience is unforgettable.

Book a horseback ride on the beach - you won't be sorry!

How about kayaking on Fort Bragg's Noyo River or
sea kayaking in the ocean...

Imagine a weekend getaway going from mild to wild.

Sea kayaking off the Mendocino Coas

Liquid Fusion Kayaking has a Mendocino Coast kayaking adventure for everyone. Enjoy a dry and mild - wildlife watching - tour on the calm waters of the Noyo River Estuary or a wet and wild Whitewater of the sea kayaking adventure in the ocean.

Take in a variety of fun fall kayaking adventures; fall’s great sea kayaking.

Allison S of Foster City CA says...

I have been kayaking in calm water before but this was my first experience with white water.

I enjoyed both tours and found the experience very educational.

I hope to make it back again soon!

Or... mountain biking with your buddies
along the Mendocino coast...

For you mountain biking enthusiasts... here’s a fun weekend getaway venture to get into for the personal thrill of it.

The Mendocino Coast has some great mountain biking. Just ask some of the locals where to look.

Mountain biking - Mendocino Coas

Picture yourself riding through rugged terrain... climbing tough sections and taking turns with more speed with less braking.

Two of the most popular areas are the Jackson State Demonstration Forest and the Mendocino Woodlands State Park.

Jackson State Demonstration Forest

This 50,000 acre woodland is wide open for biking. But stay alert - it’s an easy place to get lost.

Sometimes the Forest Service closes roads and trails, turning your loop ride into a longer than expected out-and-back!

If you’re into single-track riding, check out the most popular single-track - the Road 500 trail.

Mendocino Woodlands State Park

The Woodlands, located in Mendocino CA, is known to locals, as a jewel.

One of the sweetest single-tracks on the coast.

Why? Because of Manly Gulch!

Manly Gulch Loop is a favorite of many of the local mountain bikers.

It’s one of those trails that reminds you why you love mountain biking.

From the first sweeping turns down the single-track, over narrow log bridges, through tight switchbacks and technical obstacles, to the last log bridge.

Although the loop is short - 6.7 miles - most local riders add miles by parking where the pavement ends on Little Lake Road, then pedal up the first dirt road to the single-track trailhead.

Just imagine... all this, set in the beautiful setting of lush, green, redwood forest distinctively native to the California northwest.

So there you have a taste of some weekend getaways.
And we’re just getting started...

There’s many more weekend getaways to visit in Northern California. And we’ve just touched on a few.

We’ll add more as we find them. So keep checking back.

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