Wine Touring Day - What's Some Helpful Tips You Think About Before Visiting Your Favorite Winery?

Well here's some we thought about.

Wine touring day - So today is the day you've been waiting for. The day you get to go on a wine tour.

But before you arrive at your favorite winery, be sure you’ve eaten something.

Food helps your system absorb the alcohol and keep you from getting too tipsy.

It’s natural to feel a little buzzed after a few tastes, but you don’t want to feel hung over after your tour’s finished - do you!

Many wineries serve things like crackers, cheese, or other "pairings" - appetizers - to go with the wine. It helps absorb the alcohol so you don’t get too buzzed to quickly, and it gets your palate ready for the next sample.

We’ve heard it’s recommended that you don’t wear any perfume, cologne, scented oil or even scented hair spray if you can help it.

Enjoy a wine tasting event

Since these scents interfere with the aroma of the wine.

Any interference makes the wine appear less flavorful or have an off flavor.

Also avoid anything that alters or affects your sense of smell like... some medications or nasal decongestants.

Because they can hamper your tasting experience.

Since both your sense of smell and your sense of taste is important to your tasting experience, avoid eating strong foods before your tour, like... mints, gum, garlic, and, also, smoking as well.

All these things taint the taste of the wine.

Be sure to arrive a little early for your tour so you can relax and enjoy the experience.

If you've never taken a wine touring day, remember once you're at the winery...

Don’t be shy. Be sure to ask questions. Like...

How does wine get from the grape to the glass?

What is the difference between a variety and a varietal?

Or... what is the difference between a single varietal and a blend?

Winemaking is not only a profession, it is an art which goes back many centuries and most winemakers are very proud to share their stories.

In short, wine makers love talking about wine and they are always eager to enlighten their guests about the subject.

If you’ve never been on a wine tour, you might want to ask about the various wine glasses. Such as... how they, either, enhance or diminish the aroma and taste of the wine.

Also, if you’ve never compared one wine glass to another, you might want to ask if it is possible to do so.

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